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The Philosophy Of The University

The University system the world over and within the last millennium has come to be seen as a “community of scholars, seat of learning, centre of liberal education, mother of the professions, agent of national or regional development, vehicle for the propagation of teaching, advancement of knowledge through research and provision of service to society”.  Pursuing these missions in varying degrees of mix, EKSU has chosen as its philosophy and purpose, a development objective.

A “Development University” is meant one that sets itself the mission of providing all the functions that an institution of higher learning can, in a developmental process throughout a defined constituency.  At the centre of its work towards regional development are the tasks of identifying and resolving developmental problems.  To be effective, these problem solving functions require appropriate structuring of academic activities and resources in that even where it is concerned with practical techniques, it imparts them on a plane of generality that makes possible their application to the situation.

An implication of the foregoing is that the influence of the University must be felt not merely in the immediate vicinity of its campus or campuses, but throughout the State. These considerations carry the conventional international objectives of a University forward into the developmental orbit. It is therefore our hope that graduates of this University will not only acquire education in its broadest sense but our philosophy and policies will inculcate in them the spirit of self-actualization in line with the national aspiration for genuine development.

Creation And Early History Of The University

Aims And Objectives EKSU

Producing graduates adequately equipped to handle contemporary socioeconomic and environmental challenges through cutting edge research in science, technology and humanities, driven by Information and Communication Technology
To Provide a high quality educational experience shaped by outstanding teaching and research that benefit cultures, societies and economies.

* Academic integrity
* Accountability
* Caring for the well-being of staff and students
* Fairness in all relationship with staff and students, irrespective of age and gender
* High standards of personal honesty and ethical behaviour
* Openness and shared governance
* Confidentiality in handling all official information
* Pursuit of excellence in teaching, research and services
* Respect for tradition and culture
* Probity in judgement and action