Admissions Office

Mission Statement of the Department:

We serve the University by assisting the Registrar to handle admission matters of freshmen and the verification of entry results of all categories of students in the University.

Brief History, Past and Current Leadership of the Department

The Admission Office was one of the first Units of the Registry existing in 1982/83 session at the inception of the University. It was then under the direct supervision of the Office of the Registrar.

With the expansion of the Registry in 1985/86, the Admission Office became a Unit operated under the Academic Affairs Division of the Registry. At that time, the Academic Affairs Division consisted of the following Units: Academic Affairs Unit, Admission Office and the Examination and Records Units. The Academic Affairs Division was headed by a Senior Assistant Registrar – Mrs. R.A. Faluyi (She retired as a Deputy Registrar), while the other Administrative Officers like Mr. P.O. Aliu and Mr. S.B. Akinsipe assist in the Units and report to the Registrar through the Divisional head.

Later on, the Admission Office was carved out as a separate Division of the Registry with Chief B.A. Adeoya as the Deputy Registrar (Admissions). With further promotions, transfer of officers and restructuring of Registry, the baton was passed to Mrs C.A. Ogunsakin, a Principal Assistant Registrar.

General Information on the Framework and Services of the Department:

The Admission Office is the entry and exit point for all categories of students in the University. Prospective candidates admitted into academic programmes of the University are expected to report at the Admissions Office at the point of entry to submit their entry results for verification and collect verification clearance for central screening while clearance lists of graduating students are made available to offices in charge of final clearance for the NYSC.

General Information on the Organs and Activities of the Department:

The Admission Office consists mainly of the Office of the Head of Department, Office of the Assistant to HOD, General Office for Admission and Verification matters, Centre for Documentation.

The major schedule of the Admission Office is as follows:

  1. Administrative handling of all admission matters in the Registry of the University
  2. Participation in the activities of University Committees charged with the admission of students
  3. Verification of entry results of all categories of students in the University
  4. Participating in coordination of JAMB (UME) examinations
  5. Attendance and participation in JAMB and other important UME preparation and post-JAMB policy making meetings
  6. Handling of all WAEC/NECO register of results manually and through ICT processes for result verification
  7. Assisting the Registrar in other important matters directed to the Office from time to time.

Divisional Heads

1Mr. O. O. OSODeputy Registrar, Head, Directorate of Academic Affairs and Admissions Officer
2Dr. S. O. AFOLABIHead, Senate and Academic Matters
3MRS. I. D. BUSAYOHead, Notifications & Certificates
4Mr, A. O. OJELABIHead, Examinations & Transcripts