Alumni Relations Office

A Brief History

The Alumni Relation’s Office was established in December 2011 as one of the innovations of the Vice-Chancellor with a view to re-branding the Alumni Association of the University to make it more encompassing and to become a relevant agent of development to the institution.  The Alumni Relation’s Unit was set up to support institutional development, raising funds, supporters, donors/investors, and deepening the influence and stature of the institution.  The Office is to ensure that the Institution maintains a healthy relationship with its core product, the Alumni, through providing services, organizing events and offering innovative means for the Alumni to continue to engage in the progress of the institution and keep abreast with development at the institution.

Who we are

 The Alumni Relations is a Unit under the Directorate of Advancement devoted to the strategic and integrated management of life-long relationships with stakeholders (Alumni, Companies, Foundations, Government Agencies, Staff, Students, Parents and the General Public) for the continuous development of Ekiti State University.

What we do

Management of relationship between the individual alumnus and the University as well as relationships with the National Secretariat, State Branches, Chapters, Sets  and other groups of  Ekiti State University Alumni Association.  Gathering of alumni data and maintaining regular interactions between the University and the alumni as well as various alumni groups.  To facilitate this, there is need for all alumni to fill or update their personal data by completing the Alumni Registration Form on line: Visit http//

Maintenance of regular and cordial interaction with Donors and prospective Donors towards mutually beneficial partnerships.

Soliciting for support to the University (in cash and kind) from the relevant stakeholders for the sustainable growth of the University.

Coordinating all the University’s endowment activities at Faculty and Departmental levels including College of Medicine.

Soliciting for and obtaining funds from various stakeholders whether small or large, the pool of which is utilized to provide for the developmental needs of the University.

Facilitating safe and profitable Investment of funds received from benefactors to ensure that the proceeds are employed towards the various development efforts of the University.

Annual Scholarship Awards funded from the proceeds of the Endowment funds are given to deserving students in five categories: Outstanding Scholars (with CGPA of 4.50 and above), Indigent Students, Physically Challenged Students, outstanding Sportsmen and women among the students.

All over the world there is nowhere government alone is left to finance University education the practice has been utilizing government subvention to meet recurrent expenditure of the university.  The University consequently has to source for additional funds to take care of capital projects such as renovation of existing buildings and construction of new ones, improvement of facilities, technology, equipments etc.

What can you give

By giving to the University, you will certainly make a difference in the development of the University and positively impact on the lives of students and those of the future generations.

such as Lecture Theatres, Blocks of Classrooms, Student Halls of Residence, Staff Quarters, Laboratories, Libraries and Equipments, etc to improve the Infrastructural facilities in the University.

Interactive Whiteboards, Computers, Books, Journals, and other library materials.

Endowment for awards of prizes to the best graduating students in any area of the     donor’s choice.  The aim of this is to reward academic performance and promote academic excellence.

Endowments for the institution of Professorial Chairs to support the engagement of a Professor who will occupy the Chair and conduct relevant research in the donor’s area of interest.

donations may be for the purpose of awarding scholarships to any category of students to assist them in their pursuit of academic excellence.

Donations to fund research in the donor’s area of interest.

Annual Scholarship Awards funded from the proceeds of the Endowment funds are given to deserving students in five categories: Outstanding Scholars (with CGPA of 4.50 and above), Indigent Students, Physically Challenged Students, outstanding Sportsmen and women among the students.

In the spirit of giving back, alumni can support their alma mater’s developmental efforts by making regular small or large donations.

Staff can contribute through a structured deduction from source over a period of time.  Lump sum donations are also accepted.

Students can support by volunteering their services to the University.

The Objectives and Mission Statement

The objectives of the Alumni Relations Office Strategic Plan, which cut across diverse sectors of the Institution’s programmes, are:

  1. Production of qualitative graduates
  2. Building capacity of graduates in entrepreneurship
  3. Excellence in Research and development
  4. Becoming leaders in Information Communication Technology (ICT)
  5. Promotion of the relevance and alumni relations
  6. Promotion of the welfare of the University Community
  7. Ensuring a continuous increase is student enrolment
  8. Developing a gender action plan/policy with a view to promoting gender equity in all aspects of University life.
  9. Enhancing administrative/technical competence and skills through training and retraining to improve overall institutional management capacity.
  10. Making the University less financially dependent on the Government without compromising the quality of education being given.

General Information on Service Requirements and operation

The Mission is to make the Alumni Relation’s Office serves as a vehicle to reach out to the public in general and graduands of the University in particular.  The idea is to change the focus of the EKSU Alumni Association from being dependent on funds generated through graduating students alone but to make it more expansive and responsive by reaching out to the larger Society.  Furthermore the office is dedicated to show case the potentials which abound among the Alumni to make them have the sense of belonging and willing to plough back to the alma mater that made them.  The University and Alumni Association should see themselves as partners in progress with a view to move the University forward.

Staff of Alumni Office

List of Management Staff of Alumni Office

NameQualificationsStatusE-Mail AddressContact Phone
Mr. M. O. OdeyemiB.Sc, MPA (Ado) ANUPA, AIPAN, AUA.Principal Assistant Registrar/Alumni Relation Officerodeyemioluwole@yahoo.com08035750053

List of Administrative and Technical Staff

NameQualificationsStatusE-Mail AddressContact Phone
Mr. F. A. AdegunB.Ed. (Akungba)


50.wpm.(Owo Poly)

Cert.In-Word- Processing (OSUA)

Chief Typistfelixadegun@yahoo.com08030621176
Mr. O. A. AladegbamigbeWASC, OND.Clerical OfficerOlugbanga.aladegbamigbe @yahoo.com08036501170
Mrs. O. F. OjoWASC, ONDOffice Assistantoluwayemisi@yahoo.com0867105238