Examinations & Transcripts

In order to pay for Transcript, click on: Pay for  Transcript

In order to pay for Certificate, click on: Pay for Certificate

Follow the procedure as shown below.

1 Login to www.eksu.edu.ng
2 Move to ‘Resources’ on the menu list and click on ‘Certificates/Transcripts’
3 Click on PAY FOR CERTIFICATE or PAY FOR TRANSCRIPT (as applicable)
4 Fill in Student’s Matric. Number.
5 Fill in your Faculty
6 Fill in your Department and Course.
7 Please select your Programme (e.g., Post Graduate, Regular Full time, Sandwich, Part Time, etc).
8 Click on the Items you are paying for (e.g., Certificate, Advancement & Linkages, Compendium, ALUMNI, Academic Gown. (Please note that your year of graduation determines on the item you click for Academic Gown).
9 Fill in your name as Payer’s name. (Please ensure you fill in the name as it appeared on the Notification of Result issued to you).
10 Fill in your phone number as Payer Phone.
11 Fill in your e-mail address as Payer Email.
12 Confirm your e-mail address (please ensure your email address is active and correct as your payment receipt will be sent to any email provided on the biller. You may not get a receipt if your email address is incorrect).
13 Please click on the “I’m not a robot” reCAPTCHA box for verification.
14 Click “Submit”.
15 Then select how you want to pay e.g.,
a) CARD (this method requires that you fill in your ATM card details to make payment).
b) Bank Branch (this method requires that you enter any bank that processes Remita transaction and present your pre-generated RRR code to make payment).
(You are advised to use any of the above method of payment for ease of service).

Please ensure you fill in your details correctly.