General Studies Department

Directorate of General Studies

The General Studies Unit, is as old as the University itself, however, it became a Directorate of General Studies in 2000 to among other things, design and to co-ordinate multi-disciplinary studies that could broaden the knowledge and widen the academic horizons of students of the University in all Departments and Faculties.

General Studies – Specific Objectives

i. To assist students to develop, appreciate and expand the awareness of their social and cultural values.

ii. To help the students develop adequate competence in the use of English Language and to improve their language and communication skills as a tool for their present studies and future employments.

iii. To introduce students to the broad areas of Sciences and to create awareness of  the services of Science to man and the effect of Science on human Society.

iv.  To Sentisize students to the functions and obligations of Government at all levels and the physical environments which eventually will prepare them to function effectively in their society.

iv.  To socialise the Nigerian students to cultivate derivable habits,
values, attitudes, patriotism, nationalism and to appreciate the status of the constitution as the will of the people.

v.  To make all students more acceptable and much more independent in the labour market.


The General Studies courses are University requirement that must be satisfied before a student can be awarded his/her degree.

Course codeCourse TitleUnitStatus
1.GST  111Communication English2Compulsory for all Students
2GST 113Nigeria people and Culture2Compulsory for all students
3GST 115Information and Communication Technology2Compulsory for all Student expect Science and Engineering students
4GST 112Use of Library and Study Skills2Compulsory for all Students
5GST 114Philosophy and Human Existence2Compulsory for Science, Engineering, Agric, Law and Medicine students
6GST 116Introduction to Entrepreneurial Skill2Compulsory for all Students
7GST 118History and Philosophy of Science2Compulsory for arts Social Sciences, Management Science and Education Students.

Graduation requirement

All students must take and pass the following courses:

GST 111  –  Communication in English, GST 113  –  Nigerian Peoples and Culture, GST 112 – Use of Library and Study Skills, GST 116   –   Introduction to Entrepreneurial Skill. Also, they are expected to pass two out of the remaining three courses. GST 115  –  Information and communication Technology, GST 114  – Philosophy and human existence, GST 118   – History  and Philosophy of Science.

Note: Student must not take more than 6 units of the General Studies Courses in a Semesters. The 12 units from the General Studies Programme shall be counted as compulsory in the computation of results.


  • All Students shall register for GST 111 (Use of English) GST 113 (Nigerian Peoples and Culture), GST 112 (Use of Library and Study Skill) and GST 116 (Introduction to Entrepreneurial Skill) in their 1st year of their degree programme.


  • Aside the above stated GST Courses, all students are required to take two out of the following:-  GST 114 (Philosophy and human existence) GST 115 (Information and Communication Technology) and GST118 (History and Philosophy of Science)


  • Students shall register for their GST Courses with the Faculty Coordinators in their respective faculties