Pre Degree


The history of the Pre-Degree Programme in the Ekiti State University dated back to 1983, when Obafemi Awolowo University, (now known as Ekiti State University) was established.

The programme originally known as Remedial Programme, was then introduced to cater for candidates in the Faculty of Science who were not privileged to secure admission directly through the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board. However, such candidates must possess the minimum entry requirements for admission into any University in Nigeria.

The Remedial Programme transformed to Pre-degree Science in 1995/1996 academic session. As time went on, the relevance of the Pre-degree Programme came to the fore, as many programmes in the Faculty of Education seemed to be going into extinction. Consequently, in the 1999/2000 academic session, the Pre-degree Education Programme was introduced in the Faculty of Education. Two years later, the programme was established in the Faculty of Arts as Pre-degree Humanities.

The Directorate of Pre-degree Programme, comprising the Education, Humanities and Science Programmes, came into existence in the 2005/2006 academic session. The Directorate was headed by a Director, ably assisted by the Assistant Directors of the three Units. There was no Secretary for the Directorate but each unit had an Administrative secretary. During the period, the programme went comatose and the University restructured the Directorate. The new Directorate then has a Director, three Assistant Directors and Directorate Secretary.
At the commencement of 2012/2013, the programme was enlarged to embrace all academic programmes in the University. Hence, the programme was divided into four options each being headed by an Assistant Director. The options are: Arts, Biological Science, Physical Science and the Social Sciences. 

The core Management team of the Programme now include the Director, four Assistant Directors, Directorate Secretary, Administrative Secretaries and the Directorate Accountant.
Pre-Degree students, upon completion of their programmes and having satisfied all requirements for admission into 100 level, would be placed into various disciplines.

The admission intake in 1983 was about 57, while the enrolment, as at present, is about 1,500

The Vision is to evolve a Directorate of Pre-Degree Programme that is a self financing and resource centre noted for academic excellence of global relevance in accordance with the vision statement of the University.

Applicants seeking admission into the Pre-Degree Programmes must possess a minimum of five ‘O’ level at one sitting, including English Language, Credit in Mathematics and three other Science subjects for all the Science based courses; credit in Mathematics and at least two Social Science subjects for all Social Sciences based courses and at least three Arts subjects for All Arts based courses. 

An entrance examination will be conducted to select eligible candidates for admission into the Programme.

The Directorate is run through statutory Boards and Committees. Adhoc Committees are set up for preliminary actions for the consideration of the Boards and Committees. The Board are:

a. GOVERNING BOARD MEMBERSHIP Vice-Chancellor Chairman Deputy Vice-Chancellor (A) Member Deputy Vice-Chancellor (D) Member Registrar Member Bursar Member Ag. University Librarian Member Director, Directorate of Pre-Degree Programme Member Provost, College of Medicine Member Deans of Faculties Members One Representative of Senate Member Secretary, Directorate of Pre-Degree Programme Secretary

b. ACADEMIC BOARD MEMBERSHIP Director, Directorate of Pre-Degree Programme Chairman Deans of Faculties Member Assistant Directors Member Director of Academic Affairs Member Head of Academic Planning Member Representative of University Libraian Member Two Representatives of Senate Member Secretary, Directorate of Pre-Degree Programme Secretary

c. MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE The Management Committee is a Committee adopted in principle for effective day to day administration of the Directorate.

MEMBERSHIP Director, Directorate, Pre-Degree Programme – Chairman Assistant Directors – Members Secretary to the Directorate – Member/Secretary Directorate Accountant – Member Option Secretaries – Members








1. Prof  E.B. Kolawole Professor/ Director

Pre-Degree Programmes

FMAN; FNIER, NCE (Nsukka) B.Sc. (Ed.), MSc., M.Ed (Ife),

PGD (CSC), Ph.D (Ado-Ekiti)

e[email protected]  08033966701
2.  Olayinka

Adeniran-Ajayi (Mrs.)

Deputy Registrar/Secretary

Pre-Degree Programmes

B.Sc., (Ife) PGDE (Ado-Ekiti),

Cert Pers. Mgt &

Industrial Relations (Ascon);


 [email protected]  08033737836
3.  Dr. (Mrs.) I. O.  Adesanya Snr. Lecturer/Assistant Director (Arts Option) B.A. (Ibadan)

M.A., Ph.D (Ado-Ekiti)

[email protected]  08133946799
4. Dr. S. Arowosegbe Snr. Lecturer /

Assistant Director (Biological Science Option)

B.Sc. M.Sc. Ph.D


[email protected]  08035062913
5. Engr.  O. L. Oke Snr. Lecturer/

Assistant Director

(Physical  Sciences  Option)

B.Sc,  (Ife) M.Sc., (Ibadan);

Ph.D (Nottingham)


[email protected] 08052682689
6. Dr. B. O. Bankole Snr. Lecturer/

Assistant Director

(Social Sciences)

B.A., M.Sc. (Zaria)

Ph.d. (Ado-Ekiti)

[email protected]  08038075819
7. Mr. Adebayo Omojola HEO/Option Secretary

Physical Sciences

B.A. (Eng.) [email protected]  08034471296
8. Mrs. F.F. Okeke HEO/ Option Secretary

Social Sciences

B.Sc. (Bus. Admin.) [email protected]  08038422161
9. Mrs. E.M. Falade HEO/ Option Secretary



10. Mrs. R.I. Akinyosotu Snr. Assistant Registrar/

Option Secretary

Biological Sciences

B.Sc. [email protected]

r[email protected]

11. Mrs. M.A. Adeleye Accountant I/

Directorate Accountant









1. Mrs. C.O. Akinola Chief Personal Secretary to the Director B.Sc.

2. Mrs. J.B. Ajayi  Operations Manager B.Sc. (Acct.), (Ado-Ekiti)

B.Sc. Ed. (Computer. Sc.) (Ado-Ekiti)

bunmiajayi109@gmail. com 07037570335
3. Mrs.  A. B. Oluwadare Senior Executive Officer B.Sc. [email protected] 08038436946
4. Mr. P. K.  Ayodele Higher Executive Officer B.Sc. [email protected] 08035224686
5. Mrs. E.T. Onaolapo Assist. Executive Officer NCE, B.Sc. onaolapott1’@ 08030652824
6. Mrs. V.A. Adedeji Chief  Typist WASC, 35 & 50 W.PM, GR2, DIP 08064798959
7. Mrs. T.C. Oluwabiyi Typist I General Grading Test 25 & 35 W.P. M;  Diploma in Computer Training;

Diploma in Computer Studies

[email protected] 07033812763
8. Mr. T. Adeosun Transport Officer I Trade Test;  II; III

9. Mr. A.I. Ajibulu Clerical Officer I NABTED, NECO [email protected] 08039617736
10. Mrs. F. Olofintuyi Clerical Officer  I Grade Two Cert., B.Sc. [email protected] 08060713591
11. Mrs. M. Adeusi Senior Clerical Officer ND. HND

12. Miss O.B. Afolabi Clerical Officer I GCE, NCE

13 Mr. A.C. Abejide Senior Office Assistant NECO, GCE 07030388416
14. Mrs. E. Bamisaye Senior Office Assistant Primary Six [email protected] 08034745319